Why do you need a dose of the truth?

Because self publishing has made it too easy for people to ignore the work and sacrifice that learning real story telling requires. Just because anyone can publish doesn’t mean that everyone should.

I’m here to teach you the art of storytelling. Don’t believe me? Check out my books Dynamic Story Creation and Better Writing through Stronger Narrative. They will show you that readers have expectations they didn’t even know about. Ever finish a book or movie that you just didn’t like but aren’t sure why? That’s because the creator didn’t serve the Invisible Layer.

But you will.

Because you’re here and you’re ready to take action. I’m ready to take action. You have the thirst. I have the drink. Not only will you learn how to craft epic storys, but you’ll learn how to recognize those silent expectations and fill them. By sculpting the most important part of the story, the Invisible Layer, you’ll satisfy expectations, craft strong stories, and sell more books.

Here’s the brutal reality: writing and publishing is hard work.

I will help you do it right.

Don’t take it from me.

“Maxwell has always been willing, ready to participate, and has been generous with his time and knowledge. He has been easy to work with and follows through on his commitments.”

Bobbie Ann Howell

Coordinator, Vegas Valley Book Festival

Maxwell Alexander Drake’s educational seminars for writers are exceptional. As the director of the Gen Con Writers Symposium, I’ve received significant positive feedback from guests about the value of his programming. Even without that direct feedback, I have ample evidence from the fact that Mr. Drake acheives attendance figures every year that are on par with events featuring our biggest name guests.

I believe that the secret to Mr. Drake’s success is his well planned, carefully thought out presentations that focus on practical advice but are delivered in an easily consumable format. Guests leave his events energized and educated—the perfect combination to help an author achieve success.

Marc Tassin

Director of Gen Con, Writer's Symposium

“Drake is great at conventions. He’s personable, knowledgable, and loves to teach. He has a great work ethic and I enjoy having him as part of the Origins Library.”

Kelly Swails

Author Coordinator, Origins Game Fair

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