More About Me

Despite my long, illustrious name, I go by Drake. 

I’m here to bring you the advice that no one else will tell you—in other words, the truth. I won’t sugar coat that writing is hard, and publishing is even harder. I won’t ignore the fact that most people fail out. Those are the facts. But I will tell you how to make yourself stand out. I will tell you how to write—and write well. This isn’t a game.

If you want it bad enough, this is a career.

I can get you there.


I wrote my first novel when I was twelve. (Let’s not talk about how long ago that was.) I titled it The Warlord’s Dust. While the world will never see this work, (it was, after all, written be a twelve-year-old), the love of storytelling never left me.

I’ve been professionally writing for well over ten years now, working for both large and small companies. Trust me—I’ve done, can do, and have seen it all. I’ve been the Lead Fiction Writer for a massive video game from Sony titled EverQuest Next. I’ve also self published some of my own work. I’m a novelist, graphic novelist, playwright for movies, television, stage, and I’ve been a tie-in writer for both the video and table-top gaming markets.

Oh, that’s not all.

I’m considered one of the highest-rated presenters and have been teaching creative writing classes since 2010 for Comic Con San Diego, Gen Con, book festivals, writing conferences, and I’ve taught at the Clark County Library District since 2009.

Been there. Done that.

Need a little more convincing?


Moonbeam Young Adult for Excellence in Fantasy Literature for both Farmer’s & Mercenaries as well as my second novel Mortals & Deities.

Dragonroots Magazine’s Best New Fantasy Saga of 2009.

Teaching events:

Taught at Comic Con San Diego and Gen Con in Indianapolis since 2010

Teaches monthly creative writing classes through the Clark County Library District in Las Vegas

Video games:

Lead Fiction Writer for a 650 million dollar game titled EverQuest Next.

My Books:

Farmer’s & Mercenaries

Mortals & Deities

The Shadowrun Game (novel for the video game)

The EverQuest Next Short Stories

Drake’s Brutal Writing Advice—Dynamic Story Creation

Drake’s Brutal Writing Advice—Better Writing Through Stronger Narrative

Now that’s done, let’s get brutal.