The time has come.
With the explosive fall season approaching for both movies and TV, I’m bringing you my opinion.
I know. You’re shocked.
I’m taking current media and putting my own spin on it. We’re going to brutally take these stories apart and look at them from all angles so you can learn from their mistakes. (And then not make them yourself.)

Introducing Drake’s Brutal Analysis

These will get your brain juices flowing on critical analyses and give more visibility into how the Drake
Brutal Writing Advice series works in practice, not just in theory.
Preaching all this stuff to you is great, but if you can’t apply it, my job is pointless.
The format will be a little different. I’ll be having these discussions with members of the DrakeU team so you (those crazy enough to try to learn the DrakeU curriculum) will have a voice in these examinations. We’ll drill down into the shows and movies we choose (or you request) and tease out one concept from DBWA that I feel the piece of media demonstrates well.
Or doesn’t.
You know how this is—I don’t call it Drake’s Brutal Analysis for nothing. Stay tuned.
These are coming at you once a week.

Tell me what you want in the comments.

Hate me yet? Good.