The Hero’s Journey Mini Class

The Hero’s Journey Mini Class

The Hero’s Journey—And All It Means

Say what?

You want to learn more about the Hero’s Journey and all that it means? You’ve heard of it (from everywhere) but don’t really know anything about Joseph Campbell and his (somewhat dry) book on it?

Or you do but you’re not sure what to do with it?

Don’t worry. You’re in good company.

There is a ton of research that’s gone into the Hero’s Journey, and some of it is better than others. In this 20-30 minute mini class, I’m going to give you the details you need to know—the ones that will make you a better writer. You’ll be able to recognize the Hero’s Journey in fiction (and movies and radio drama and Netflix and . . .) and figure out how to use it to your benefit in your own writing.

Give me twenty minutes of your time to transform the way you write.

Hate me yet? Good.