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At DrakeU you'll learn how to craft stronger, more dynamic stories, as well as how to craft a product that sells.

Did you know that the average

Indie Author only sells 180 books?

Why so few, you ask?

Because writers rarely understand the "Professional Writer's Mindset"

and how it relates to Book Marketing.

At, we change all that...

Mindset Training

Powerful training that teaches the writer tap into dynamic core concepts and practices that set the professional authors apart from the average writer.

Fun & Learning

Feedback & Forums

Expert Marketing

Learning should be interesting, fun and informative. The lessons at DrakeU combine all three of those elements so you can enjoy your course.

Actionable Assignments, Projects, Group activities, Forums, and Live Feedback sessions enrich the learning experience.

With a list of successful author clients who have sold from 20k to 40k books within their first year, Lisa delivers successful marketing advice that really delivers.

Courses at Drake U

Drake's Brutal Writing Advice series starts this October with

an Introductory Course called, "Stronger Story Narratives for Authors"



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October 2020

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The key to any author's success is learning from those who have already succeeded.

Fun information and lessons that make time fly by as they open and expand your possibilities.

Growth that leads the writer on their path to becoming a "Best Selling Author".

Over 45 Professional

Years of Experience





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Universities, and Conferences

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Large Companies

Maxwell Alexander "Drake" and Lisa Frederickson


My brain is still spinning... but I got a lot of epiphanies throughout Drake's teaching. He gives brutal honesty about the industry, mindset and what makes a good story great. I highly recommend Drake's training to any author--it's packed with SO much information and insight.

I wish I'd discovered Drake's teaching years ago! He has this way of explaining concepts in a familiar and easy to grasp manner. There are so many great elements to his training, that you need to take notes. I had a lot of Aha moments. Every writer will benefit from the concepts presented in his courses.

Ariel S. - Author

Phillip B. - Author

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