The First Book in Drake’s Brutal Writing

Advice Series

Yummy writing advice served in a warm slice of brutal pie.


In Dynamic Story Creation, I cover:


Character Motivation


Fulfilling a Reader’s Emotional Needs


Story Structure


Reader Engagement

Plot Arcs

Scene Arcs


And many more!

If any of the above terms confuse, frighten, or sexually excite you, this book is for you.



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“Thanks for inspiring me to write more.”

Amazon Reviewer

5 Stars

“It also helped lift a little of the delusion I had that I was a special flower. I need to work for what I want and I need to work harder. That epiphany was worth almost as much as the information divulged.”

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5 Star Review

“If you are a writer who wants to sell books, this one is a must read.”

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5 Star Review

More about Drake:

I’m here to make sure you know story, not to coddle you. I’ll tell you the honest truth—and sometimes people don’t like that.

But that’s all right.

Because if you stick with me, you’ll write awesome books in the end.